by Blind Man Leading

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released December 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Blind Man Leading Baltimore, Maryland

A three piece rock group, Blind Man Leading creates melodic, expressive songs that feature bright chords and upbeat, jazz-influenced rhythms.

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Track Name: Cellar Door
I confess my true aim was sparking a flame,
but nothing's meant to be, just a synthetic mood between us.

Convinced by a kiss its love, fooled by a thrill in my lips.

Lights came on, you were there.
Despite it all I didn't care.

Running up stairs at dawn,
repeating prayers on the lawn.
It all lost its shine,
a cellar door hiding bitter wine.

Strangers like to observe
pain that doesn't affect them.
From bodies on a highway,
to lovers who part ways.
Track Name: Bridge
I sped up when I heard you scream
in the car as the line went dead.
You reject sympathy,
conscience already bled out.

I am losing you to the dark side
of a poison truth.

I am building a bridge back to
a time I understood you.
You are burning with
every danger I defend you from.

Lost again in a desperate hunt
for what's alive, what survived.
Sparks of light in your far-off eyes
always leads to a hollow goodbye.

You isolate yourself when your phone's on silent,
weaving a storm of graceless violence.
Track Name: Boston Ferry
We drove through smoke and dead leaves,
Massachusetts at high speeds.
We rode the boat out in autumn,
bound by love, bound for Boston,
but all plans change.

We tended to forget the best reasons
to not have second thoughts in Boston.

Don't forget, don't miss this.

We met at the edge of the city,
vision blurred by lightning.
All our senses tingling,
an innocent beginning
to what followed.
Track Name: Asphyxiation
I inhale just enough air to keep myself there.
You digress to burning the table to prove that you're able.

Lungs have no option but to shut down
in an absence of oxygen, there's no sense in talking.

When I couldn't breath, I couldn't breath
No, I couldn't breath, and you just sat there staring.

I correct with minor adjustments, thoughts of substance.
You express excessive aggression when you don't
learn the lesson.
Track Name: Racing in the Rain
Sixteen in the dance hall, back arched against the wall.
Lonely looks began, so did the need for a plan.

Breathless in the car, fixing her hair,
breathing her secrets to men who don't care.

And you can't keep this up.

You race quickly past in the rain,
trying to capture another false claim,
feet pounding, heart drowning.

Depressed, she says. Well that's clear enough,
but she can't fight it, cause she doesn't love herself.

You're racing, racing, racing in the rain.