by Blind Man Leading

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MAG2NYC I like the complexity of the music combined with the catchy "singable" lyrics! Favorite track: Sharp Edges.
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released August 30, 2013



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Blind Man Leading Baltimore, Maryland

A three piece rock group, Blind Man Leading creates melodic, expressive songs that feature bright chords and upbeat, jazz-influenced rhythms.

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Track Name: Sword in a Stone
Wild spring was a temptress/
And dug savage marks where she kissed/
Your innocence wilters/
and your arms, your arms welcome winter, oh/


And the rumblings of your unrest/
have set your teeth on edge/
You could not persuade love/
from between your shoulder blades again/
When I learn a lesson I learn it well

A mystery locked in your bones/
Like a sword in a stone/
Guarded by your silence/
And your soul feels so weighted, oh


You have choices
Track Name: Dying Storm
A dying storm drove us west/
A metric ton in your chest/
My heart can't let it be/
When you're staring back at me


With every breath and street/
Perfume and lies are mixing/
Oh, possessing me, poisoning me

A hurricane heart under glass/
A raw image of the past/
My eyes can't bear it/
Your lips still swear it


In brightest flashbacks of the aftermath/
Your eyes were locked on mine/
On my jacket, your scent stays/
With me until the next day
Track Name: Lighthouse
There are so many places I avoid/
Where I once heard your voice/
You trace the scars on your arms/
To hunt the ghost of the harm


That night wasn't dark from the sky, but from your eyes/
We're souls trapped within the vessels we sink in/
But I can't risk the danger of your arms

You were a lighthouse, now a sharp coast/
Spending nights wrecking boats


But I can't risk the danger of your arms, oh
Track Name: Sharp Edges
Everybody wants the sharp edge of the conversation/
But this damage has led to further complications

Oh when triggers are all pulled back/
You'll hear the truth aloud at last


Lock and load into the chamber/
You hesitate like a stranger

You're afraid to bite the bullet/
We all have to make the most/
of the habits we push through

Oh when triggers are all pulled back/
You'll hear the truth aloud at last
Track Name: Blue Eyes
"No promises"- that's all your eyes say/
Even the best of friends hesitates/
Fierce blue eyes pierce my sleep/
And you dream on like it's nothing


Say the words the way you want to/
And I will try my best to interpret you

No clarity, and more questions/
It's all that you show/
All I know/
But that's alright, I'll keep the fight/
Close to the chest through the night/

I can't breath, I can't move with her eyes wrecking me